Company Profile

Alliance Fruit is a "Producer Exporter Group" of citrus and mangoes. The group evolved in 2003 as a result of deregulation in the citrus industry. Many farmers were unhappy with the level of service and transparency within the exporter's fraternity, and as a result, decided to take control of their own export channels.

Alliance Fruit was born out of this philosophy. The insight of a few producers to create an export company that only has the producers at heart, resulted in above average performance, every year since 2003. We are an exporting company where the producers and quality are seen as primary priorities.

“We are an Exporting company where the producers and quality are seen as primary priority”



Alliance Fruit has been established as an independent platform, whose vision is to use the expertise of its grower shareholders, combined with a highly skilled management team, to place its produce internationally and domestically, in the most cost efficient and transparent manner and in doing so, allowing its grower shareholders to expand their operations and productive capacity, without limitation.

Supermarkets and other retail outlets increasingly demand fruit on their shelves from certain growers who over time have distinguished themselves as reliable sources of quality fruit. Alliance Fruit provides this function, as the power lies in the source (the product), and the effectiveness of the distribution infrastructure, lying in management itself.



  • Alliance Fruit has identified and successfully penetrated the dominant markets in which it would like to operate, own and control.
  • Every year since 2004 we have achieved competitive, and in some markets better sales results than some of the Major Fruit Exporters.
  • Alliance Fruit has developed good personal relations with some of the major and most consistent importers in Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Japan, Middle East, Russia and Far East markets.
  • Alliance Fruit has been accredited as an Approved Exporter under the terms of the SA/EU trade agreement.
  • Alliance Fruit is also a member of Fresh Produce Exporter Forum since March 2008.